Department & Personnel Profiles

The dynamics of the Aluminum ALUMEX personnel are such that they can provide effective solutions to major design challenges. Difficulties in building interface, materials management and specialty design are what is the difference between a bibliography and an annotated bibliography competently handled through trained and professional staff. A commitment to training and technological advancement is demonstrated through ACS Inc. engineering approach. All design work, proposals, shop drawings and details are generated on CAD workstations that are easily relayed to the client, project architect or the contractor through conventional or electronic means.

Administrative Staff

Management continually builds on past successes in an effort to improve productivity, quality and cost effectiveness. Innovative thinking and a flexible approach to solve traditional problems is allowing ACS Inc. to succeed in our markets.

Senior members of the management team are accountable and accomplished in their chosen fields. Their expertise along with the corporate ideology of achievement works well for clients, whose projects are embraced with total commitment and enthusiasm.

Project managers have become well versed in communication with their client representatives. Where circumstances require that a local labour team be used, ACS Inc. technicians lend an experienced hand with on-site and shop training. Priority is given to constructive skills instruction with maximum productivity in mind.

The capacity of ACS Inc. to move materials effectively has come through their experience with inspection and shipping and inventory procedures. Pre-glazed unitized curtain wall panels are regularly shipped from our Kamloops, B.C. facility to various destinations in the Canadian and North American markets in crate configurations that prevent any structural or cosmetic damage. Thorough knowledge of these procedures allows ACS Inc. to avert any delays common to many “long distance” projects.

For a personal consultation on your curtain wall requirements or general inquires contact:

Design & Drafting Division

This department is responsible for all of the technical drawings associated with any services we offer. They range from custom die drawings to fully detailed construction drawings, all of which are generated with the latest release of CAD software on NT workstations. ACS Inc. offers all of the drafting services required for your custom or traditional curtainwall enclosure within your time expectations

Manufacturing Staff

Our staff consists of a collection of highly-skilled technicians, experienced in the glazing construction. We employ individuals from around the world, including: Europe, Canada and Asia. This diversity brings how to write a good thesis for a compare and contrast essay methods and expertise from different areas which we apply to our projects located in different parts of the world. At present we employ approximately 45 fabrication staff as well as an extensive, experienced office staff to service our clients.

By choosing to adopt a non-unionized approach, ACS Inc. can eliminate the risk of strike interruptions and maintain a healthy relationship among all staff. ACS Inc. corporate ideology promotes teamwork and communications overall, a practice that will continue to push our product further ahead of the competition.

If you have any questions regarding our fabrication process or require a tour of our facility please contact:

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